Field Practicum Activity List

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

For this learning collaborative, each student will coordinate with their field supervisor/instructor to complete a field practicum learning contract. The learning contract will include activities specific to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery and activities will be selected from the list included later in this resource. The list is designed to create opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and affective processing, and behaviors around addressing substance use and addiction in the populations they serve. Students and field supervisors/instructors will collaborate throughout the field practicum to complete the activities chosen for the learning contract. Field supervisors/instructors and students will complete a brief baseline, mid-point, and final assessment, provided by the National Council, to reflect on competency-building and progress.

The Field Practicum Activity List is comprised of ways students can enhance their ability to address substance use and addiction in individuals, families, and communities. The list is categorized by CSWE’s social work competencies and it includes activities that are applicable to a range of field placement settings, including child welfare agencies, shelters, schools, hospitals, treatment providers, policy and advocacy programs, etc., and level of education and experience in the field. Students and field supervisors/instructors will select and add activities from the the Field Practicum Activity List to their learning contract.

Please consider the following requirements when creating your learning contract:

1. Include

Field Practicum Activity List_August 202
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